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An RemixRun App Generator, that takes care of the tedious code that 99% of the projects require. Launch your complete app faster than ever with our auto-generated code, pre-built database, routes, security, UI, and more.

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Our No-Code App Builder with AI makes it easy to develop your app without writing any code. Just download your app's customized generated codebase and

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40-200 hours Saved on development by using RemixFast
  • Remix
  • ReactJS
  • Prisma
  • TailwindCss
  • Radix UI
  • TypeScript logoTypescript
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  • Next-Auth Logo

Discover RemixFast Features

Kickstart a fully-featured SaaS at wrap speed and launch your app in record time!

Custom Generated App

Launch your app with all the essentials in one place.

RemixFast generates production ready Multi-Tenant SaaS App that includes all the required resources and tools that you need to launch your project fast.

Just download the generated codebase and go!

No-Code Db Schema Builder

Schema Builder allows you to create database schema visually. Visualize all the tables and relationships between them. Add new table, change fields and setup relationship using drag and drop.

Have an pre-existing schema? Just upload and visualize the schema!

No-Code Route and UI Builder

See all routes of your app and their relationships. Add new routes and manage UI with various built-in builders

AI Builder

Just describe what you want to be built and in minutes, our AI will build it out for you!

Types of App you can build with RemixFast

  • SaaS App

  • Internal Tools

  • Interactive Dashboard

  • Admin Panel


  • MVP

RemixFast is a developer-friendly platform that helps you build full-stack multi-tenant SaaS apps with ease.


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