Stater Kits

RemixFast now includes ready to use Stater Kit for both SaaS and Business App. This will help you create your next Remix app even when you no longer have active plan with RemixFast.

Latest RemixRun (v2.3)

RemixFast now generates code for latest RemixRun v2.3. Includes changes to ensure that all generated code works. Also now includes v2 Flat route convention.

Enhanced AI Generation

With continued advancement in AI, RemixFast is now able to provide lot more information to AI and as a result get better results! Give it a try!


V2 Flat Route Convention

RemixFast Code generator can now allows your to generate app routes using either V1 folder convention or new V2 flat file convention.


AI Components Generator πŸͺ„

RemixFast AI Components generator can be used to add Chart and Stats components to Dashboard. AI Component generator will generate required Prisma Query to aggregate data and then generate route to display the component, all by just describing your requirements. πŸš€


AI App Generator ✨ πŸ†•

Use AI to auto generate app! Just describe your project briefly. Our Artificial Intelligence creates your app in minutes. With the help of RemixFast AI, you can now build an entire app by just describing it in plain English. You get an auto-generated Prisma schema, and routes that are ready to run. You can now go from requirements to a working app in minutes and still get all the code, making it super easy to jumpstart your project!


Route Visualizer 🌲

Visualize all app routes. Route Visualizer show route hierarchy and allow you to Visually add new routes.


Visual Model Builder βœ…

Visually build Models and relations. Create model, add fields. Use drag and drop to create relations between models. Select a model to explore all relations, nicely color coded to differentiate between ancestors and descendent/children.


Model Visualizer πŸͺ„

Visually inspect Models βœ… Start with Prisma Schema and see results as an ER diagram. Select table to view all relationships.


Instant Preview - SaaS App ⏩

You can now build and instantly ⚑️ test multi-tenant SaaS app. Preview has been enhanced to let you easily switch between tenants, just select tenant and see data change from one tenant to another.

Prisma Codebase Enhancements βœ…

Generated Codebase for Prisma Queries now have support for both Unchecked (commented by default) and Checked Create and Update queries. Usage of Checked model allows you to take advantage of strong type checking using Typescript and Prisma auto generated type definitions.

Self Joins are now support on models and generate proper schema file as well as Prisma Queries.

How To Articles πŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈ

Docs have been updated and now feature How To articles. These are quick one page step-by-step instruction that show you how to carry out specific tasks, like creating list route with nested detail dialog route or adding editable children to detail form.


SaaS App

You can now build multi-tenant SaaS Apps with RemixFast. Starting with functionality of Business App as base, Multi-tenant SaaS App adds automatic multi-tenancy to data models, generates multi-tenant Prisma Queries with enforced tenancy, as well as generating multi-tenant route loaders and actions.

RBAC has been enhanced to support multi-tenancy as well. In addition, app provides Admin panel for each tenant, so that tenant admin can do their own user administration. And with included new App Admin panel, you can easily manage subscription plans, tenants and related users, as well as RBAC roles and rights.

Easily accepts payments for your SaaS app with integrated Stripe Checkout and Webhook functionality, and includes support for onetime and recurring payments!


Node/CRA Codebase Generation

RemixFast can now export code using the Node/CRA stack in addition to the existing RemixRun stack.

Node/CRA Stack is made up of following

  • NodeJs/ExpressJS
  • React (CRA 5.0 with React Router 6.4)
  • Prisma
  • Tailwind
  • Typescript

Main difference between Remix Stack and Node Stack is the application architecture. RemixStack generates MPA apps with SPA like behavior whereas NodeStack generates pure SPA apps with Express API backend. With Node/CRA Stack, you get two projects, node/express Server and CRA Client UI. Client uses react route 6.4 createBrowserRouter functionality to provide nested routes similar to the RemixRun framework.

With this change, you can build your app using Visual Builder once and then choose at export time which of two codebases to generate! And migration is also easy, if you start with node/cra, you can easily migrate to Remix at a later date just by combining server and client route files and removing router config (majority of code will work as is as server routes are already laid out as per Remix file system routing spec)

Prisma Schema Import

You can now import an existing Prisma Schema in the RemixFast Data editor. This was requested by a couple of users and will allow you to use RemixFast to generate code for an existing project without having to recreate models in the data editor.

With these two features, you can now use RemixFast not just to jump start a new project, but also on an existing project, to add new functionality, and enhance existing features!


  • Updated Components: Stat List and Chart now provide support for dynamic styling via function πŸ’„
  • Security: Role Right definition now supports configuring data/field filters by role right. This provides support for multi tenancy and user personalization! ✨
  • Model Enhancements: Model definition now supports aggregating data from relation. While Prisma does NOT support aggregating data on relation 😒, RemixFast Code generator now creates appropriate Prisma query and additional code block for aggregating data.
  • Model Enhancements: Model definition now also supports Aggregation Query with Joins (group by). Prisma does NOT support including relation in groupBy queries 😒, Code generator now creates appropriate Prisma aggregate query and additional code block for relation lookup.


  • Updated Dashboard Stat List with support for dynamic styling πŸ’„
  • Updated Dashboard Layout to support custom flexbox styling
  • Updated Authorization => Role Right definition to support configuring data/field filter by role right. This provides support for multi tenancy and user personalization! ✨


  • Stater App with choice of Stack (Indie or No Stack)
  • Auto Resource Routes for all Lookup Pickers
  • Added useInfinitePager
  • Updated Docs - Hooks, Tips, Abstractions
  • Blog


Starter Apps

RemixFast will generate codebase with following functionality

βœ… Prisma Schema with all relations and related fields.

βœ… Data layer with full CRUD operations => Prisma Queries to interact with database (model.server.ts)

βœ… Model(.ts) file with FormData to typed model object converter

βœ… Common validation logic for client side Form submission and Route actions

βœ… List Route with loader for list of model items

βœ… Detail Route with actions for Create, Update and Delete


  • RemixFast - The Remix Codebase Generator!

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