Get to know RemixFast by building apps with step by step tutorial.


Quick Start

Get familiar with RemixFast basics by quickly building a single model test app.

Jokes Tutorial

Build a clone of Remix Jokes Tutorial in less then 10 mins!

How to Build Mint

Learn how to build a personal finance app for income and expense tracking using RemixFast's Visual Builder.

Inventory Tracker - Part 1

InventoryTracker is an application to keep track of office inventory. It allows user to view list of inventory items and manage them. It also has Employee Request functionality to let employees request items from the inventory, have them fulfilled.

Inventory Tracker - Part 2

In this part, we will learn about parent - child nested routes, useFetchPager hook and explore ways to configure field to change field type, filter data retrieval, and protect field using dynamic data conditions!

Inventory Tracker - Part 3

In this part, we will complete app by adding Dashboard, Reports and Profile.

Inventory Tracker - Part 4

In this part, we will take it up a notch by creating Kanban board and integrate with Order Flow!

Starter App

Get familiar with RemixFast FREE Starter App by creating a simple app with two models.

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