How does it work?

let code = remixFast(model, route);

Input 1Create Model

Start by creating your data model. Use visual editor to define model, add fields and configure defaults. Add relations to other models and include related columns. Alternatively, if you already have an existing database, RemixFast will auto generate all models and relationships using introspection functionality.

  • Model

  • Relation

  • View

Quickly add model and populate fields with continuous add functionality. Auto creates Primary Key field and optionally add audit columns with one click!

Input 2Add Route

Create route by selecting one of many pre-defined templates. Templates pre-define UI and come pre-wired with all the logic, for both client and server.

You can customize the look and feel of UI using properties and with additional components. Use Visual Editor to configure behavior and enhance user experience by combining with additional models. You can immediately preview the app and refine as required.

  • Route Template

  • List Route

  • Detail Route

Route Template provide a way to quickly create varity of common route patterns. Templates work with Model and include code for loader, actions and views!
Instantly Run the App. No waiting to download dependencies and no build step.
Get a visual preview of app as it is being built. Immediately test and check out app functionality and behavior.
Go back to build step to make changes and preview again to view those changes!

Ouput Code

RemixFast combines model definition you created and your route configurations to generate codebase specifically tailored for your project. You can export and view generated codebase at anytime. Or download to start development in your own editor.

What do you get?

  • Prisma Schema

  • Model

  • Model Server

  • List Route

  • Detail Route

  • List View

  • Detail View

Schema definition is auto generated on model definition.

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