App Types

RemixFast currently supports building following app Types

Backend/API App

Generates backend or api only app. Just create model and export out generated codebase. Currently limited to only RemixStack (NodeStack support coming soon). RemixStack has option to use Indie Stack or No Stack. No Stack option has no dependency on Remix, making it suitable to use in other meta frameworks or just as simple API backend.

Personal App

Personal app type supports building nested routes, list detail views, integrating with backend, efficient cursor based paging, support for fetch based paging for database based lookups, different type of pages

Business App

Business App is useful for building internal tools, interactive dashboards, has support for reports (simple tabular as well as complex form with embedded table), includes drag-and-drop kanban board, support for business workflow with one-click UI integration, charts, stats, personalization and lot of other functionality required to build business Apps

SaaS App

SaaS App type allows you to build SaaS apps, B2B apps, marketplace apps, and adds supports for auto multi tenancy so that all data access is auto segmented. Also adds support to manage client subscription, subscription plans and stripe integration.